Garage Conversion

Why A Garage Conversion?

Most garages are rarely used to their full potential and most are just used to store junk. Garage conversions by Dean Jones Building Services in Edinburgh will turn your unused storage room into a fantastic new living space. We guarantee our work is completed to high standards, we work to your convenience not ours and our entire workforce strive to ensure job satisfaction.

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garage conversion

Advantages of Converting a Garage

  • Increase the value of your home without the stress of moving home
  • Give the children more space
  • Convert your unused space to its full potential
  • Your project has a dedicated site manager from start to finish

Never take on a home improvement project such as a garage conversion that you aren’t fully confident that you can complete.

Even if you want to do-it-yourself, if you aren’t confident that you can finish the the garage conversion project on your own you should obtain professional assistance and Dean Jones Building Services are experts in garage conversions in the Edinburgh area. This will prevent you from realising halfway into the project that you aren’t able to get it done, which can cost more than getting a professional from the start.

A garage conversion is a major undertaking and should only ever be carried out to the latest building regulation standards. Dean Jones Building Services in Edinburgh guarantee all work carried out and can provide an architect service to help you achieve your dream of a successful garage conversion.

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